Metabolic Typing® Success Story: Chelsea feels great and drops 15 lbs in 7 weeks!

Eating the right foods for your body IS life changing! Here […]

|February 24, 2017|Metabolic Typing, Motivation, success stories, Testimonials|

Allyson’s The Master’s Hammer and Metabolic Typing® SUCCESS STORY!

We’re so proud of Allyson Grabish-Paniccia for doing whatever it […]

Metabolic Typing® Testimonial | Nicole is down 20 lbs and energy is UP!

Nicole took the Metabolic Typing® test less than 2 months […]

|January 25, 2017|Metabolic Typing, Testimonials|

Metabolic Typing Testimonial | Kim’s Story, off heart meds


Take the time to read this, from KIM NICHOLSON STEFAN. […]

|January 23, 2017|Metabolic Typing, Testimonials|

Tish’s Experience with Metabolic Typing®


This is a proud moment for me. Normally I struggle […]

|January 23, 2017|Metabolic Typing, Testimonials|

Metabolic Typing® Testimonials | Does This Stuff Really Work?

These are just a few of the testimonials from individuals who […]

|December 1, 2016|Metabolic Typing, Uncategorized|

Stop Guessing: There Is Only ONE “Right Diet” for YOUR Body Type

Tired of Guessing what and how to eat?!! It’s true that there’s nothing more confusing than trying to answer the question about what diet is right for YOU. Just search “diet books” in Google and you’ll get at least 552,000 results! That’s crazy!!! It’s time to:......



Make It Or Break It!

Note: This article provides […]

Sagi Kalev: Eminem’s personal trainer | Celebrity Fitness

HE MAY be wildly rich and famous, but when rapper […]

|November 16, 2015|Uncategorized|

Meet the ‘body beast’ who got Eminem into shape

Sagi ‘Body Beast’ Kalev is an Israeli bodybuilder who helped […]

|November 16, 2015|Uncategorized|

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